About Claudia's Artistry


Claudia has been channeling her creativity since a young age. As a self-taught artist, she has worked hard for the past eleven years to develop her art skills. Born in Peru, she moved to the United States at a very early age as her family settled in Pennsylvania, where she has lived for over 20 years.

“Art carries a special meaning to me,” Claudia explains. “Art has been my source of healing from childhood trauma and struggles during my younger years. Many people do not know what I’ve gone through to get to where I am today, and I’m proud of that; I am more than those experiences and want people to know it is possible to rise above and create something beautifully positive in life. I’m so grateful to be able to create something that other people want and value and to share my art with the world. I don’t only want to become a successful Latina entrepreneur but to inspire other creatives with the mindset to follow their dreams.”

Claudia’s art reflects her vibrant Hispanic heritage and culture. She developed a love for art and fashion, so her art found its way to both the canvas and apparel. After displaying her work on social media, the love and support from the local community, friends, and family influenced the opening of a pop-up shop in 2019. Within a year, though, the effects of the COVID 19 shutdown forced Claudia’s Artistry to close its doors.

Claudia has dedicated herself to continue making art and growing her brand. Claudia’s apparel artwork has been worn by many – from local musicians to a Grammy-nominated rap artist. Claudia’s first solo art exhibition happened in August 2022, but her ultimate goal is to be a part of Art Basel in Miami and to reopen her very own storefront and art gallery.

When asked about her path and what obstacles had to be overcome, Claudia reminisces, “It certainly has not been an easy road. I took a huge risk and a leap of faith that I was making the right choice. I had to believe in myself and my artistry and know I had it in myself to make it happen. I had no support along the way – no formal training in art or business – just the creativity I felt within my soul. I kept creating because it made me feel complete. It was my escape and my therapy. Covid 19 really took a toll on my mental health and business, but it didn’t stop me. Learning and investing in my business was hard. There have been many financial struggles along the way, and I had to return to working full-time while I continued to build my art business. I’m also a single parent and had to learn to balance my own personal, family, and business time. All of this has forged me into a determined artist that wants to show the world that beautiful things can happen if you stay focused and follow your passions.”